Defence Force

Langford Power has recently supplied a LGv226.5DO to the National Defence Force 9SAI base in Cape Town.

Langford Power’s ability to assist with plant room design and in house attenuator manufacture made Langford Power a good option for the supply of this unit.

Clay Tile

Langford power has recently supplied a LGc700.5DO to Clay Tile in Cape Town.

Langford Power’s ability to assist the customer with sizing the set for large motor starting loads made this unit a good option for the customer.

Department Water Affairs

Langford Power have recently supplied 2 x LGc1100.5DO as standby power for pump stations in the Eastern Cape.

Although Langford Power did not install the sets a cost effective reliable product made the LGc1100.5DO a good choice.

African Pharmacies

Langford Power have recently supplied 2 x LGc140.5DE and 2 x LGc110.5DE to African Pharmacies in Luanda Angola.

The units are standby power for refrigeration of pharm cuticles. Durability and in territory support for the LGc range of product make’s this range a good solution for the Angolan territory.

Tshipi Borwa Manganese mine

Langford Power has completed a 10mVa prime power station at the Tshipi Borwa mine.

The power station consists of 5 x LGc2250.5DO and 1 x LGc700.5DO in parallel at 11kV. Running costs and reliability are defining factors of this installation.

Helderberg Village

Langford power have recently supplied 2 x LGi110.5DE hundred kVa diesel generating sets in standby application for Helderberg village.

Cost effective product and large single step load acceptance requirements made the Langford Power LGi110.5DE the perfect solution for this job.