LPS Power Stations

The LPS range is unique to Langford Power.

Our LPS power stations, including the fuel system, are all housed in plug and play blocks. They are all shipping certified so the power station can be factory built and tested in its entirety and then shipped anywhere in the world.

When on site connections need to be made and the power station will be operational Langford Power is able to assist local technicians or, if required, our own technicians can perform on site installations and commissioning.

  • LPS Power stations are ideal for big industries like the mining industry, plants and chicken farms.
  • LPS Power stations are ideal for applications 400 to 3600kVa were there is no utility supply or were diesel power is frequently required
  • Multi set LPS power stations suited to low capacity prime power applications
  • Multi set configuration to optimize running costs and minimize down time
  • Modular design for ease of on-site installation
  • Full operational factory test so customer is assured of a working system prior to any location worldwide
  • The control is networkable allowing remote access and fault finding
  • Predictable service cost with options of operator agreements if required
  • Configuration to optimise serviceability
  • Automatic load demand and hour levelling functionality as standard with load add and shed functionality as an optional extra