Automatic Transfer Switches South Africa

Which switch and controller to use for which engine

Automatic transfer switches are rated in AMPs

And require a higher rating than the set can produce.

Rule of thumb is 1.4 x kva so for a LGc110 for example 110kVa x 1.4 is 154A which is the highest current the set will draw and therefore for this set the LS160.4 or bigger needs to be used.

It is important to remember that utility breaker also needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to automatic transfer switches. It is possible to fit a smaller set than the reticulation of the building it is fitted for example a customer may only require 100kVa standby power and a LS160.4 will be suitable for the set but the building reticulation maybe 400A then you are not able to fit a 160A switch to the building and you would need to fit an LS400.4 or larger. So in summary the switch needs to be matched to the larger, gen set size or building reticulation.

Our Automatic Transfer Switches guarantee reliable, continuous power when outages occur. They automatically transfer the power to the generator when utility power fails.

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