Generator Warranty

Generator Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • All Langford Products are covered by a 3 year/3000hr warranty. Our generator warranty cover will lapses 3 years after distributor invoice date or after 3000 running hours, whichever occurs first
  • The warranty is a full parts labour and travel up to 100kM from the nearest authorised dealer.
  • The warranty covers the entire Langford Power product against failure as a result manufacturing fault
  • The following exclusions are not covered by the Langford Power warranty

Generator Warranty Exclusions

  • Consequential loses.
  • Failure as a result of any other cause besides manufacturing fault.
  • Batteries
  • Any cooling or fuel hose lines
  • Belts
  • Damage as a result of corrosion.

Furthermore the generator warranty is subject to the following:

  • An authorised dealer being in the territory the gen set will operate in.
  • A manufacturer approved service agreement should exist for the product with an authorised diesel generator dealer.
  • Distributor approved service kits (generator parts and lubricant) being used when service takes place
  • The use of distributor approved coolant when required.
  • Products being registered on the distributor product data base. This is done by completing the product registration form and returning it to the distributor.

Should you not have received the registration form, copies may be found from your nearest authorised dealer or