Backup Power for All Business Needs

As a business owner, your biggest concern is probably whether or not your business is making revenue. In order for your company to be profitable, it is critically important that daily operations do not get disrupted due to unforeseeable circumstances. Unfortunately, we live in a nation where power outages are a regular occurrence and many businesses will be forced to close their doors during the blackouts.
Backup Power generators
As diesel generator suppliers, we at Langford want to help you avoid this awkward situation. Our goal is to offer you a range of selections for cost effective diesel generators that can play a role in growing your business. You probably want to ask: with so many options for backup power supply on the market, why should I choose a diesel generator? Here are some good reasons:

1.       High Life Expectancy

Diesel generators are notoriously long lasting with good maintenance compared to other generator types such as gas engines. They can run for up to 100 000 hours at the extreme. As a standby backup power source, diesel generators can last 20 to 30 years. Although solar panels usually have a manufacturer warrantee for 15 to 20 years, they are unable to run at full efficiency and their output decreases every year. The diesel generators, however, will sustain a relatively undisrupted output level even closer to the end of their lifespan.

2.       Steady Supply

This brings us to the next advantage of diesel generators. Some of our clients are hospitals which means they need a sturdy, stable, and reliable supply. A power outage for even a minute can be the difference between life and death. Therefore, the undisrupted output level makes these generators a safe choice even after 20 years of use. Their reliability is unparalleled by other ba
ckup power options.

3.       Safety First

One of the leading properties of diesel is that it is a lot less flammable than other fuels. This significantly increases the safety rating of diesel generators. Additionally, these generators do not have components such as spark plugs or wires. This means that it is unlikely to start a freak fire due to electrical issues.

4.       Low Maintenance

Building onto the previous point, the lack of spark plugs and wires also decreases the maintenance costs. These parts are prone to wear and tear, and can be expensive as well as bothersome to replace. The newer models of diesel generators have improved in the last few years. They now produce less noise pollution, and greatly reduce the need for maintenance.
With those points in mind, it is quite clear that diesel generators do come out on top as the best option for backup power supply. As one of the leading generator manufacturers in South Africa, we assemble leading international generator brands such as: Deutz, Doosan, Fawde, Iveco, Lovol, Perkins, Scania, and Volvo.

Whether you own a small scale retail space or a mega manufacturing plant, electricity is an essential part of the daily running of your business. As we mentioned earlier, it is important to prevent interruptions due to power outage and devise a continuation plan should anything unexpected happens. There are a few points to keep in mind when deciding the right generator for your business requirements:

1.       Evaluate your power demands and recognise the essential electronics
2.       Decide on an approximation of how often power outages occur on your premises

Once you have analysed your electrical needs, we suggest you purchase a permanent standby diesel generator to continuously provide backup power for your business. These are wired into the building’s electrical system, which ensures that they can immediately sense power loss and automatically start to provide for your essentials.

In industrial applications, the loss of power for a few minutes can immensely slow down productivity. Many heavy machinery requires a long warm up period and some cannot be stopped half way through a production process. Even a short temporary stop can ruin a whole batch of unfinished products.

On the other hand, service industries such as restaurants, gyms and beauty parlours (just to name a few) rely solely on the presence of electricity in order to provide the services they offer. Being put out of business for a few hours due to electricity does not only negatively affect direct profit, but is also detrimental to the levels of customer satisfaction.

The same can be said about retail stores, especially those situated in shopping malls where they cannot rely on natural light. Power outage doesn’t only effect one store, but the entire shopping mall. This decreases the general popularity and revenue of the mall, which could potentially result in the decrease of its property value.

These are just a few examples of why a backup generator is essential for your business. We at Langford are of course happy to help you find the right option for your requirements. For any queries, visit our website or give us a call on : +27(021)905-9803