Cost effective diesel generating sets

Cost effective diesel generating sets for standby applications in areas with reliable utility supply

Cost effective diesel generating setsWhen it comes to purchasing standby cost effective generating sets in areas where you have a reliable utility supply the capital cost of the new purchase is of up most importance. With this in mind Langford Power is pleased to announce the launch of the LGl range of Lovol powered generating sets.

The range runs from 30 – 150kVa and has the same build as all the Langford Power ranges with all the relevant options available. The Lovol engines are made in China with design purchased from Perkins and the range represents the old generation 1000 series Perkins engines. The build quality of the Lovol engine is acceptable and the engines are very well supported in the territory.

The gen sets themselves are manufactured by Langford Power in Cape Town. The alternators remain Mecc Alte and control remains Deep Sea electronics as per all other Langford Power standard ranges. LGl will enjoy the same 3year 3000hr generator warranty as per all Langford Power generating sets. The customer can therefore benefit from a competitively priced generating set for his application without sacrificing on the peace of mind that he is purchasing a product that they can count on.

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