Scania Engine Diesel Generators

Diesel generating sets powered by Scania Engine

Scania diesel generatorLangford power is pleased to announce the release of a range of diesel generating sets powered by Scania of Sweden. The range covers 250 – 600kVa range and is well suited to standby and prime applications.

The Scania engine range is manufactured in Sweden and have built up a good reputation in gen-set applications in the demand sub Saharan market. The Scania engines are cost effective and extremely easy to work with which makes them well suited to the standby market. This combined with good transient performance makes this range of diesel generating sets ideal for backup power to any facility.

The highly competitive cost per kVA in this range also makes the paralleling of these units quite attractive were customer load requirements are higher. Cost per kVA for a 2mVA installation were 4 x 500kVA LGs range sets are in parallel is far better than a single 2mVA set.

The Scania range of diesel generators are also highly efficient which makes them a good choice for prime applications as well. These scania engines combined with the high efficiency of the Mecc Alte alternators result in an excellent fuel consumption and low cost for the customer. This class leading efficiency is the reason why the LGs280 and LGs330 are the base units for our power station LPS1020.5D and LPS1200.5D.

A scrubber ring is another feature of a Scania engine diesel generators that makes it very attractive for customer who have sets that will run for extended periods. This scrubber ring helps to negate the effects of running engines sunder light load conditions for extended periods.