Diesel Generators Versus Petrol Generators

Diesel Versus Petrol Generators

This has been a hotly contested debate since the arrival of diesel generators on the market. Here is a list to help you make your decision regarding Diesel Generators Versus Petrol Generators.

For most applications, a diesel set is a much better option because of its:

  1. Longevity
  2. Lower fuel costs
  3. Lower maintenance costs

Below we will run through why we opt for Diesel Generators rather than Petrol Generators:

Diesel Generator Pros

  1. Can run for high loads and extended periods of time.
  2. Diesel has largely been considered as dirty fuel over the years but that has become a thing of the past. One of the biggest advantages of diesel generators is their fuel efficiency. This is because of a diesel motor’s higher compression.
  3. Lower cost of ownership. Diesel generators last longer, cost less to run and take longer to depreciate in value. Diesel engines don’t have to work as hard as petrol engines to get the same output. Which results in less stress on the engine parts. Diesel is self-lubricating which means the fuel delivery system should last longer than that of a petrol engine.
  4. Lack of an ignition system. Diesel generators don’t need one, hence nothing can go wrong. What’s more, they can operate at loads between 60% to 100% for prolonged periods. This is a massive advantage over petrol.
  5. Not limited to but diesel generators are best seen in heavy industrial applications.
  6. Emit less CO2 over time due to less fuel being used than petrol generators.

Diesel Generator Cons

  1. Diesel engines emit more noxious gases and CO2 per litre of fuel than petrol-powered engines (but they use less fuel over time).
  2. Traditionally, diesel has been more expensive than petrol but the pricing is levelling out nowadays.
  3. They are more expensive to maintain but rarely have issues in comparison to petrol gens.

Petrol Generator Pros

  1. The cost of petrol is lower than diesel (but that doesn’t mean you’ll spend less on fuel over time)
  2. There is generally more selection of petrol generators. This is because petrol generators have been around for longer.
  3. While diesel generators are praised for their fuel efficiency, petrol generators are now being built with economy modes and features in attempts to bridge the gap.

Petrol Generator Cons

  1. Petrol is much more volatile than diesel fuel. So if you’re carrying lots of fuel for your generator, diesel is a safer option.
  2. There is a spark ignition which runs the risk of explosions and high maintenance. As of late a whole variety of safety features and checks are incorporated to ensure this isn’t an issue.
  3. Petrol generators reach a higher temperature than the diesel generators. This will result in more wear and tear on the generator parts over time, meaning more frequent maintenance and repair, and eventually, a shorter life span. Petrol generators are not usually run at high loads for extended periods unlike diesel generators.

Thank you for reading! We hope you have made your decision regarding Diesel Generators Versus Petrol Generators. Interested in browsing our diesel generator brands?