South Africa’s Meerkat Telescope, KAT-7

Meerkat Telescope KAT-7The first dish for SA’s prototype KAT-7 radio  MeerKAT Telescope array is now mounted on its pedestal in the Northern Cape, approximately 100km west of the small town of Canarvon.Langford Power has supplied this project with their top performing Diesel Engine Generators.

The whole idea evolved from the Karoo Array Telescope ( KAT  idea.) It is intended to be a precursor to the international SKA radio telescope.

The MeerKAT radio telescope will only be fully completed by mid 2017. See timeline below:

  • First antenna will be installed March 2014
  • First antenna qualified and critical design review will be completed Mid 2014
  • Four MeerKAT telescope receptors will be fully assembled, integrated and verified at the End of 2014
  • Array of 16 antennas commissioned will be ready to do science at the End of 2014
  •   All 64 antenna positioners will be in place by the End of 2016.
  • Full array  ready to do science in Mid 2017.