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Langford Power Provides the Best Diesel generators South Africa Has on Offer!

For the best quality diesel generators South Africa provides, choose Langford Power.

When it comes to back-up power generators, you really require something that is completely reliable.

Langford Power offers one of the largest ranges of diesel generators South Africa currently has available. Because of this, you are sure to find the perfect diesel generator to suit your specific needs. The variety of diesel generators on offer, come in varying sizes and power strengths. Despite Langford power’s massive range of diesel generators, you are also provided with a 3 year/3000 hour generator warranty across all products, which really makes for added peace of mind.

Langford Power Diesel Generator Manufacturers has well equipped staff as well as the latest technology for the manufacturing of the generators and the spare parts. We have diesel generators for sale across South Africa and surrounding countries. Our diesel generator brands include Perkins Generators, Scania South Africa, Cummins South Africa, Lovol and Volvo Generators.

Best Diesel Generators Cape Town, South Africa has on offer and how they can Help You!

Langford Power is your major supplier for diesel generators in South Africa. Whether you realise it or not, Langford Power’s diesel generators play an important back-up role in general society. With load shedding and power cuts, back-up electricity is of utmost importance to certain individuals and particular industries. In fact, there are certain industries in which diesel generators are an absolute must.

All hospitals need to own generators in order to keep life-saving machines going during an electric emergency. Those in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants and hotels, can definitely benefit from diesel generators in order to maintain the highest in customer service at all times. Construction companies require massive amounts of power when on the job, and most times a convenient electric point is not available. Nuclear power plants require electricity to safely and efficiently shut down. Diesel generator power is perfect for your remote holiday home!

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Latest News

  • Diesel Generators Versus Petrol Generators
    Diesel Generators Versus Petrol GeneratorsDiesel Versus Petrol Generators This has been a hotly contested debate since the arrival of diesel generators on the market. Here is a list to help you make your decision regarding Diesel Generators Versus Petrol Generators. For most applications, a diesel set is a much better option because of its: Longevity Lower fuel costs Lower maintenance costs Below we […]
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  • Backup Power for All Business Needs
    Infographic Backup PowerInfographic-Backup Power: Diesel generators lasting with the right maintenance. They can run for up to 100 000 hours at the extreme and last 20 – 30 years.
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  • Backup Power for All Business Needs
    Langford PowerAs a business owner, your biggest concern is probably whether or not your business is making revenue. In order for your company to be profitable, it is critically important that daily operations do not get disrupted due to unforeseeable circumstances. Unfortunately, we live in a nation where power outages are a regular occurrence and many businesses will be forced to close their doors during the blackouts.
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  • Cost effective diesel generating sets
    Cost Effective Diesel Generating Sets

    When it comes to purchasing a standby generating set in areas where you have a reliable utility supply the capital cost of the new purchase is of up most importance. With this in mind Langford Power is pleased to announce the launch of the LGl range of Lovol powered generating sets.

    The range runs from 30 – 150kVa and has the same build as all the Langford Power ranges with all the relevant options available. The Lovol engines are made in China with design purchased from Perkins and the range represents the old generation 1000 series Perkins engines. The build quality of the Lovol engine is acceptable and the engines are very well supported in the territory.

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  • Scania Engine Diesel Generators
    Scania Engine Diesel GeneratorsLangford power is pleased to announce the release of a range of diesel generating sets powered by Scania of Sweden. The range covers 250 – 600kVa range and is well suited to standby and prime applications. The Scania range of engines is manufactured in Sweden and have built up a good reputation in gen-set applications in the demand sub Saharan market. The engines are cost effective and extremely easy to work with which makes them well suited to the standby market. This combined with good transient performance makes this range of diesel generating sets ideal for backup power to any facility.
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Current Projects

  • Defence Force
    Langford Power has recently supplied a LGv226.5DO to the National Defence Force 9SAI base in Cape Town. Langford Power’s ability to assist with plant room design and in house attenuator manufacture made Langford Power a good option for the supply of this unit.
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  • Clay Tile
    Langford power has recently supplied a LGc700.5DO to Clay Tile in Cape Town. Langford Power’s ability to assist the customer with sizing the set for large motor starting loads made this unit a good option for the customer.
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  • Department Water Affairs
    Langford Power have recently supplied 2 x LGc1100.5DO as standby power for pump stations in the Eastern Cape. Although Langford Power did not install the sets a cost effective reliable product made the LGc1100.5DO a good choice.
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  • African Pharmacies
    Langford Power have recently supplied 2 x LGc140.5DE and 2 x LGc110.5DE to African Pharmacies in Luanda Angola. The units are standby power for refrigeration of pharm cuticles. Durability and in territory support for the LGc range of product make’s this range a good solution for the Angolan territory.
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  • Tshipi Borwa Manganese mine
    Langford Power has completed a 10mVa prime power station at the Tshipi Borwa mine. The power station consists of 5 x LGc2250.5DO and 1 x LGc700.5DO in parallel at 11kV. Running costs and reliability are defining factors of this installation.
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Client Testimonials

  • Paarl Oncology Centre

    We manufactured an enclosed genset, Scania 550 KVa, for the Oncology Centre in Paarl.

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  • West Coast College
    Work Integrated Learning Programme I herewith wish to thank you for your kind hospitality in hosting our students for their Workplace Based Experience (WBE) assignment during the period April – July 2014. The amount of time that they have spent at your premises has greatly assisted in achieving the outcomes of the curriculum requirements. Investing […]
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  • Cortina Farms
    Cortina Farm is a 54 ha top fruit farm in the Vyeboom district, between Villiersdorp and Grabouw. Due to the fact that they are a fruit farm, they need electricity 24 hours per day, especially when it comes to harvesting time. They also built and run a community centre, and a crèche. Langford Power installed […]
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